Good News

By: Samuel

November 2, 2018


Monster Man Saves Lives

Ravi Katapadi has been dressing up as monsters from various movies for nearly 5 years! His motivation is to raise money for kids to afford life-saving surgeries. He originally came up with the idea to dress up as a monster for a fundraiser. His motivation was to help a child who lost his right hand because he could not get treated.  Katapadi couldn’t pay for the surgeries himself, so he encouraged 15 of his close friends to help him spread awareness. The costume was homemade, and took around a month to make and 12 hours to put on. He didn't eat or drink for 36 hours to raise the most money possible. This man’s small, but inspiring deed spurs others to support the people that are shunned by the world.


Mr. Beast Donates $30,000 to waiters

A Youtuber named Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson has approximately 9.7 Million subscribers. His channel is known for his generosity towards twitch streamers with donations amounting thousands of dollar.  Mr. Beast has donated to streamers, bought an orphanage mandatory possessions, and provided food and money for numerous homeless people. He donated 30,000 dollars in total to waiters in one of his recent uploads. The reactions from the waiters were genuine,everyone was overjoyed and surprised to receive such substantial amount of money. Some stated that they can pay off their education or  afford school supplies for their children.


Lunch Lady’s encouragement

A Lunch lady at a Kingston Elementary school in Virginia writes encouraging letters on bananas before handing them out to the students. She states that since she has always written encouraging messages to her own kids, it would also encourage the students. The notes on the bananas have resulted a better atmosphere and all the bananas taken by the end of the lunch. The principle of the school was so touched that she posted pictures of the bananas on social media, and dozens of news companies were quickly attracted to it.