Good News

By: Isaac

October 12, 2018


Life of Pi, With Fish Instead of a Tiger

Aldi Novel Adilang, a 19-year-old Indonesian boy on the Island of Sulawesi, was found adrift on the ocean for presumably 49 days. Adilang was on a  hut-like fishing trap known as a rompong, and when the ropes holding the trap in place snapped, the rompong drifted away with Adilang on it. Adilang reported that he mostly survived on fish he caught and seawater which he drank through his shirt. After 7 weeks on the sea, sailors rescued the boy and he was soon sent back to his home in good health.

Image from  lailas news

Image from lailas news

Image from  abc17news

Image from abc17news

From Janitor to Trillionaire

Herman Gordon, a Janitor in Bristol University in England, has quite the reputation. Throughout social media and real life, Gordon is known by the college students as a legend or a hero of the school, mostly due to his positive and optimistic attitude. Gordon was especially surprised when he received a 2000 donation from the students to visit his family in Jamaica as a gesture of kindness and compassion. Mr. Gordon then proceeded to enjoy a 2-night vacation at Sandals resort at Montego Bay. May this story convey the word of love and kindness throughout the world.


And Jesus Said, ¨Pick Up Your Mat and Walk¨

As many may know, a damaged spine means death or total paralysis in the body. However, as technology advances, a fractured spine now may be fixed, thanks to the University of Louisville Hospital. Based on research that started in 2011, four paralyzed men and women volunteered for this experiment that supposedly cures their paralysis. As a result, 2 of the volunteers now can take limited steps , with the other two being able to walk independently. Even though this experiment was merely a test, it changed the lives of four people, and may even change the whole world.

Image from  Delaware Online

Image from Delaware Online