Game on!

By: John Yoon

February 22, 2019


I asked two players of the girls soccer team--Jaeeun and Kearia--about their first practice of the season. Jaeeun, the new captain of the girls soccer team, is feeling good about the season and the upcoming practices.  Kearia is playing soccer for the first time, and she thinks it will be a good experience.

Credit: Kearia

Credit: Kearia

The first two practices for the girls were  very fun but very tiring as well Jaeeun thought the first two practices were very intriguing, but also very tiring because they ran 2.7 kilometers just to get to the field. She realized that she was very out of shape and that she had to work harder to get back in shape for her senior season. For Kearia, she said that “[The first two] practices were very tiring, but very fun. After [the practice], my muscles were very sore.”

Credit: Kearia

Credit: Kearia

The warm-up consists of stretch and some conditioning, like push ups and lunges. Then, they practice their footwork and dribble around for a few minutes. At the end, they mix up the teams, each team with both boys and girls, and they play scrimmages. Regarding the system, Kearia thinks “[It is a little] confusing, but we will get used to it as time goes on.”

The two girls have different coaches who give them the hardest times. Kearia says, “Ms. Yang [gives me the hardest time] because she makes me run. [But I] understand why because she wants us to have a good season.” Jaeeun thinks both of her coaches give her a hard time, but she also understands why. The practice that was the hardest for them was the first one, because they were getting back in shape, and they had to run for the first time in weeks. They think the next few practices will be great and less tiring. Even though they might be tired, let’s hope for a great season for the girls.

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October 10th: ICS VS. KKFS

October 19th: ICS VS. DCS

November 10th: ICS VS. YISS



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