Girls’ Basketball

By: Sam

January 16, 2019

Credit: John

Credit: John

Dalton Game

The ICSU team went to Dalton on Wednesday January 16th. The girls gave their utmost effort and showed good performance. The referees made some questionable calls but that didn't get the girls down. They improved immensely and impressed the spectators. Unfortunately, Hannah Lee fouled out because of another borderline call. Hannah contributed a lot to the team and sadly had to return to the bench. During the 4th quarter the boys went to change and when they returned after a few minutes, the score surprised them because it went from around 12 to 23 to 20 to 23. Unfortunately, the girls didn't win the game. Nevertheless, they did not return disappointed, for they did much better than expected.

Kent Game

The basketball team went to KKFS (Korea Kent Foreign School) and played against them. The Eagles had good movement and lots of passing. Katherine in 12th grade made some shots, which impressed the audience and encouraged the players. The girls managed to put up a good fight, and although the Kent team is known for being good, the ICS girls really sparked later on in the game. The girls began to gain momentum; they had begun to make numerous shots in a row.

ICSU’s girls played hard until the end of the game, and they never slowed up. They wouldn't get discouraged; instead, they would communicate and encourage one another which resulted in the team playing as one. They played with confidence and tried their best. When the game was done the girls returned home and weren't ashamed about how they played. They knew they gave their best, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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