Girls’ Basketball

By: Keaira

November 30, 2018

Credit: Erin

Credit: Erin

eagles vs. phoenix

Last Wednesday, the November 21st , the ICSU basketball team had a match against CDS. The girls basketball team has improved tremendously on defense, but the offense seems to need a little help. Dalton scored 19 points, followed by ICSU having 8 . Hannah S. and Catherine B. made one basket each, and Keaira R. (I)  made two. . The ICSU girls basketball team needs to have lesser fouls and foul shots. For defense the girls team does a “3 2 defense. A three two defense is when there are two people in the front, and you have the three tallest players in the back under the basket. The girls offense has been fine in passing and trying to shoot the ball, but they just don’t go into the net.

The girls team is awesome at getting rebounds, but when they get tired they tend to slow down, which usually happens in the fourth quarter.  The girls during this game showed their improvement so much, and it is so nice to see them grow since the beginning of the season. Even though the girls had a day of official practices,  when there were opportunities to practice more such as the open gym, they went. They seemed to improved in their communication skills because at the game they were communicating which helped them have good passes and shoots.

Even though the girls didn’t win they left with a smile on their faces. The coaches were happy how amazing the girls played that game, and how much better they have gotten on defense and on offense.Everyone was happy with the result of the game, and they hope to win their first game at Pyeongtaek

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