By Isaac
May 6, 2019


Last weekend, the Girls and Boys Soccer teams of ICSU participated in the NICS tournament of the year. The teams played against 3 teams, The Asia Pacific International School (APIS), Yongsan International School Seoul (YISS), and Daegu American High School (DAHS). The ICSU team won 1 out of 3 of the matches, not only placing them in 6th place out of 10, but also gaining the Sportsmanship Award in the process. Although ICSU hasn´t been placed in the top 3 this season, it was reported from the other team that our team portrayed excellent sportsmanship along with the utmost kindness and respect for the other team, which is a pretty big victory in the Christian worldview. Let´s take a look at some of our players to gain their perspective on this game

Our first interviewee, Kieara Richardson, had a lot to say about the game. Kieara comments that she did not like the encounter against DAHS, due to their apparently bad sportsmanship. She claims that during the tournament, there was no real star player, instead it was the team altogether that pulled them through. In her opinion, the game against YISS was the most gratifying, since they only lost by 1 goal against the first division. She thinks that the team could´ve been better, but is proud and grateful nonetheless.

Lillian also had her fair share to say. Throughout the game, Lillian acknowledges Jaeun as the star player, as not only was she a great moral support, but could defend as much as she could encourage. During Penalty Kicks, Lillian recalls Jaeun blocking incoming shots and perhaps saving the game doing so. She also remembers Jaeun calling the Defence the ¨Berlin Wall¨. As for regrets, Lillian replies that she hurt her ankle before the game, severely limiting her from reaching her full potential. She enjoyed the game against APIS, because they well, won!

Jaeun had her interesting comments as well. Jaeun says that she really didn´t have any specific regrets, as she believe that the team always have room to work harder in or improve. Jaeun had 3 MVPs in mind, Lillian, Hannah, and Catherine. These three in her opinion mainly made it on her top 3 for how hard working and aspiring they were. Catherine in particular caught her eye for her top tier performance as a leader. She is fond of the game against APIS, since they won.

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