Game on!

By: Lucy Lee

April 12, 2019


Who wants to hear about the girls soccer game? I do, obviously. On Wednesday, April 3, the ICSU girls’ soccer team went against KKFS. Sadly they lost by 2 points in the game with KKFS. That was so close!

According to the coach of the girls soccer team, Ms.Lee, the MVP of the game was Keaira Richardson from eighth grade for “being able to clear the balls well multiple times” throughout the game. As a friend of Keaira, I am very proud of her. Let’s go Keke!

Credit: Ms. Lee

Credit: Ms. Lee

Credit: Ms. Lee

Credit: Ms. Lee

Overall, the girls did well. However, Ms. Lee has some comments for improvement for them about the next game, which will be on Friday, April 5 against Dalton. They did well, but “[they] need improvement in pull backs, taking more shots, and having more ball control (Ms.Lee).” Even though they were playing 9 against 11 players, the team stepped it up and scored one, and Ms.Lee said it was a satisfying goal. In her memory, Catherine pushed the ball in through the center, then Yena took it over to kick it in.

Let’s hope that they’ll get a better score for the next game. Let’s go girls, keep it up!

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