By: Lucy

December 7, 2018

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Yut- Nori is a traditional Korean game of luck that is played among family members during the Seollal holidays. Yut-Nori originated from the ancient Gojoseon Korean kingdom, which was a dynasty that began in 2333 B.C. In the Gojoseon era, there were five influential tribes ruling five regions in the kingdom, and they joined forces during wartime. In this game, there is a board called Yut-Pan and this board mimics these five tribes which were arranged in various positions during battles. Except for the king’s tribe, all four tribes got their names from livestock - pig, dog, cow, and horse.


To play Yut, you need to have Yut sticks, and the number of points each player receives during their turn is based on the arrangement of how the sticks land on the ground after throwing them in the air. The rules of the game are as follows:

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  1. There is no limit to the number of participants in a game.

  2. Each player gets five mals (playing pieces).

  3. There are four sticks used in the game. One has a marking on it, and depending on how the sticks land when thrown, determines how many places a player can move their mal.

    1. Do (도) - one stick lands up, three land down, move one space

    2. Gae (개)- two sticks land up, two land down, move two spaces

    3. Geol (걸)- three sticks land up, one lands down, move three spaces

    4. Yut (윷)- all sticks land up, move four spaces, and goes again

    5. Mo (모)- all sticks land down, move five spaces, and goes again

  4. Each team gets to cast (or throw) these sticks during their turn.

  5. If a mal lands on an opponent's mal, then the opponent's mal is removed from the board and returned to the starting position. The next player is allowed to cast it again.

  6. There are shortcuts in the game to get to the end faster, which are landing on the corner spot. This allows the player to cut through the middle of the board.

  7. To win the game a player needs all five of their mals to go around the board and get back to the starting point.

Yut is a very interesting game because it provides the players with drama and tension while playing the game, and the game is mostly dependent on luck; so if you have bad luck, then I would not recommend this game to you. If you do not like this game or think it might be boring, why not create a punishment for those who lose the game and allow the winner to choose it for the losers? (In my family, whenever I lose, I need to play the cello for others, so I make every effort not to lose.)

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