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Three Friendly Students

By: Yun

Mar 3, 2019

Credit: Yun

Credit: Yun

A naughty boy with a big smile

James from 5th grade was selected as the ES of the week!

The interview began with James talking about his special preferences. When he was asked what his favorite color was, James said that "[he] like[s] red because it is an excellent color." He also stated that Gyochon fried Chicken was his favorite meal because of the seasoning on the chicken.

James was then asked about his favorite subject at school and his most memorable moment. . James said that he enjoys PE the most, since "[he] like[s] to play games and [he doesn't] need to sit and study."

During the interview, James showed the brightest smile and answered the questions with enthusiasm.

Credit: Helen

Credit: Helen

A student who loves BTS

Helen Hwang was chosen as our MS student of the week!

When asked about her hobbies, she immediately responded "cheering BTS!" She mentioned a her love for the boy group called BTS, and she said she likes to cheer them on and listen to their songs. She mentioned that "[she] like[s] every member in the band equally, yet [she] love[s] Jungkook and Jin the most."

Secondly, she introduced her significant moments in her life. Once again, she mentioned BTS and replied that "going to BTS concert was most important to [her]."

When asked what she wanted to do if she won the lottery, she said that "[she] [would] give half of the money to [her] parents and buy some BTS merchandise with the leftover money."

Credit: Yun

Credit: Yun

The Student who is extremely friendly

Mickey from 9th grade was the HS student of the week!

When asked about her future dreams/goals, she replied that "[she] is not sure about what [she] wants to become in the future. Yet [she] desire[s] to be responsible and study harder." During the interview, she also mentioned that she would participate in more athletic activities if she could go back in time.

Next, she was asked about her favorite hobbies. She said that she enjoys taking pictures, Facetiming her friends, and watching YouTube.

Finally, she replied that her birthday was one of the most memorable moments in her life because she felt immensely loved and was incredibly elated as she received happy birthday messages from her friends.

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