Girls’ Basketball

By: John

January 11, 2019

Credit: John

Credit: John

Coach history

I asked the head coach Miss Doorenbos of the basketball team some questions about her basketball history. To give a brief overview, my questions were centered upon her experiences in basketball, the responsibility of the head coach, and other intriguing questions.   

The first question I asked was about her first memories and when she first touched her basketball. The most memorable moment Miss Doorenbos had in basketball was when she first played in the basketball tournament in 5th grade. She has lots of memories because her team was composed of beginners in basketball. Their first game that they played was against a team of all stars, and the results came out not so well, coming out 4-60. The time when she first touched a basketball was when she was the age of 4 or 5.

She played basketball during middle and high school. She played 7 seasons, in those years of school. Her best memory through those years is seeing their team improve from a team that did not know how to play basketball, to a team that goes to the state championship very frequently and plays very well. Also, 3 years later, she beat the “all stars” team that demolished them 4-60.

Ms. Doorenbos only coached in ICSU. She coached 8 years ago for ICS as an assistant, but it is her first time this year being a head coach. I asked if she likes being a coach at ICSU, and she said, “Yes, I like being a coach here. Even though our record might show otherwise, I like seeing the girls improve throughout the year.” Her assistant coach, coach Krahn, is also a big help, as it being her first year of coaching. I asked if she likes Mr. Krahn as her head coach, and she responded with, “Yeah, he does a good job. He brings lots of fun to the team, [and] he is also very encouraging.” She has done a great job taking over as the new head coach with basically a new team. She has done well with establishing team chemistry and improving their skills.

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