By: Lucy

March, 8, 2019

David Nasser is the speaker of RightNow Media and the Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Having been raised in a Muslim family, David didn’t get to learn about Christianity at his young age. But as he followed his friends to church, he was given the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. Soon, his parents found out that he gave his life to Jesus, and said to him, “You can’t be a Christian because we are Muslim!”. Despite his parents’ strong opposition, he still didn’t give up his faith, and was eventually kicked out of the house. However, later within 5 years, one by one, his family learned about Jesus and started to believe in Christianity.

David Nasser went to Bethlehem and talked about the promise given by God in the Bible that a teacher will come to the people who can’t save themselves on their own. His name was Jesus Christ. God told the people that His son is the Messiah and will clean up their sins. Three men read the prophecy and started to follow the star to witness their master of all. When they saw a child and a mother, they knew that he was the one who will save the people.

Why are we God’s masterpiece?

For this week’s Chapel, Pastor Ko shared his ministry in the Milal Welfare Center. The difference between a normal product and a masterpiece is that while there are a lot of the same normal products, each masterpiece is unique and special. This correlates with us perceiving ourselves as not just one of His other creations, because we are made after His own image after His words. That means we can have fellowship with Him.

Being God’s masterpiece means that we have a special purpose of living. We are to rule over his other creations and serve Him. Although we sometimes face difficulties we cannot deal with, no matter how broken and worthless we may feel, being God’s creation makes us valuable.

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