God and Temptation

By: Isaac

January 16, 2019

During chapel on Wednesday, our special guest Mr. Nickels gave us all a very important speech on temptation.

Credit to Mr Krahn

Credit to Mr Krahn

Mr. Nickel started out by giving us a short demonstration on how to fish and how it can be compared with Satan “baiting” us into sinning. In this lesson, we learned about what temptation was exactly and the method of overcoming it. Mr. Nickels explained that, in this generation where we have access to the internet, there are more distractions than ever, making it easy for the devil to trap us and turn us away from God. To avoid being “caught” by Satan, Mr. Nickels provided us a step-by-step guide on how to resist temptation.

Image from Mr. Krahn

Image from Mr. Krahn

The first step, he said, is to repent and confess what we did wrong. The next step is to fear and respect God. The third step is to stay close to God so that he can protect us from the devil. Next, memorize the scripture to help resist the urges of sin. Mr. Nickels also explained that we should not make it easy for us to sin, so we don’t fall into our bad habits over and over again. He also told us to replace bad habits with good ones to help us overcome sinful urges. During his lecture, Mr. Nickels told us to remember that God is always watching us and that we should keep ourselves pure.

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