Facing the Lions in Your Life

By: Sam

January 9, 2019

Mr. Miller spoke about the classical story of David and Goliath. He focused on David not being the expected choice to take on a 9 foot giant. In the contemporary period,people reasonably thought that anyone who was to fight Goliath had sealed his fate of death. But David was filled with the Holy Spirit and could not stand watching the Philistine humiliate the God of Israel.

David immediately went to King Saul to convince the king that he was capable. At first, the king refused, but became convinced when David argued that he had killed bears and lions, which were no different from Goliath. Mr. Miller referred to 1 Samuel 17:34-37, which in summary was David attempting to convince Saul that God will be with him and help him take Goliath down.

Eventually, Saul agreed and dressed David in Saul’s armour, but David wasn’t used to it and preferred his normal clothes.

The Lion and The Bear

Mr. Miller used these animals to show that God uses events in our lives as opportunities and perhaps to prepare us for the future. For instance, when David was a shepherd, he took down the lion and the bear. Also, he played the harp and was able to comfort Saul later on when God’s spirit came upon him.

Credit to Mr Krahn

Credit to Mr Krahn

Often our opportunities are disguised. For example, when Mr. Miller played guitar in 6th grade, he had no clue that he would be playing for the rest of his life and even go as far as teaching 6th grade guitar class.

What are some of the lions and bears in our life? Perhaps, it could be emotional or physical. God can help you to get through the struggles in your life. Romans 8:31 states “If God is For us, who can be against us”

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