Mission Memories

By: Samuel P.

April 17, 2019



Missions Trip

The team spent most of the time connecting and reconnecting with the people. They played many games and spent time with kids especially. Everyone was happy and thrilled to death to have people spend so much time with them. 400 Kids in a Bible school that was smaller than the Cafeteria. The kids were so excited to just receive a coloring pack that the books had to be guarded.

Mr Lancaster

A man was driving through the jungle on a motorcycle and it broke down. Then out of the woods a person came to hg?” He said that he is passing their village and the man said he wanted him to come to his village. Because of this “mistake” three churches are being made.

We need God’s help to be able to accomplish things and he will comfort you and make sure you are where he wants you to be. Also, keep giving sacrifices because it is impossible to outgive God and God will multiply whatever you give to him.

Mrs. Lancaster

The community was a huge impact and being able to show the people how much Christ can love them, it is important to care about them because they are your brothers and sisters in Christ. The team would wake up early and hear the people singing praises to God and when they went to bed they heard the same. The people were singing a song in Tagbangwin and Mrs. Lancaster knew the same song in Spanish and in English. ‘

Mr. Olling

Mr. Olling knew a girl for 15 years and watched her grow up and become a christian and even baptism. He asked her what she wanted to do when she was older and she replied that she wanted to be an agricultural engineer, she knew that she couldn't gow and she understood that it was out of the question. So Mr. Olling gave her the money with the help of the others on the team. A little while later she was informed that she could go to college and pursue her dream.

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