By Samuel P.

October 26, 2018


Gabby is a teenage girl who was born and raised in a Christian environment. Yet, later in her life, when she was a senior, she made negative choices and tried to seek the worldly pleasure she desired. She hung with the wrong people, smoked, and participated in various activities that harmed others. However, her best friend, who was obedient to God’s commands, was unfortunately in a car accident and ended up in a coma. She wonders why she hadn’t gotten into an accident when she was the one who was sinning against God.


Sarah faced hardships when her mother was slowly dying in the hospital. She was close to her mother and, so, she asked God why He would let something so bad happen to someone so good. Once her mother died, she questioned if God was actually taking care of them. She struggled in accepting what was happening and began having a shallow relationship with God. She later admitted that she is currently striving to reconcile with God to restore the relationship.

Credit to Lucy

Credit to Lucy

Small Groups Discussion

In our small groups, the students were divided into groups of around five students and had the opportunity to discuss about God and His love with a teacher. During chapel, the small group leaders made it clear that God is moral and perfect. Also, we had different scenarios of unfortunate events that are common today. Once the students answered the questions, the leader made comments and explained what would be the most impactful way to help the people who face sufferings. It turns out that it doesn't always have to be expensive; just show them that you care and treat them equally as humans. Just show the poor that you care for them and just talk with them. This means more than you might think.

Chapel 1

Chapel 2