Let’s go!


By: Lucy

Everyone heads up, because it’s soccer season! I have interviewed Mr. Lancaster, the head coach for the boys’ soccer team. The first question was “What is your vision for the team?”, and he answered, “My vision for the team is for them to have a positive and dedicated mindset and be athletes that encourage, trust, and support one another, no matter the odds and circumstances.” His goal is to measure their success by how much they grow and improve as a whole team, not just by individual skills, goals, and stats. This shows how he cares about each player in the team.

Mr. Lancaster wanted to be a soccer coach because he loves soccer, and it gives opportunities for players and coaches to grow in maturity, sportsmanship, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. When asked how he got interested in soccer, he stated, “When I was 6 years old, I moved to Brazil, which is also when I began playing soccer. So that time until the end of the high school I played soccer. I played competitive on various teams and leagues in the United States and Brazil; and after high school I continued to play intramural soccer in college and recreationally after that.” Mr. Lancaster had led the soccer club for different ages in NICS Brazil. However, this is his first year as the official head coach for the varsity boys’ team.

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