Boys’ Basketball


Eagles Vs. Leopards

by Isaac

December 10, 2018

On Wednesday, December 5th, the ICSU boys’ basketball team scored a victory against Dulwich in a game that would be described as a “close call” by many. The Eagles put up very strong competition against the Leopards, maintaining a strong lead within the first and third quarter.

The true twist in the game took place during the fourth quarter in which Dulwich managed to take the lead by one point. This lead did not last long, however, as Joseph Poirier from 11th grade managed to put the team back in the lead with two clutch free throws, promptly followed by a jump shot from Josh Jung, in 12th grade, a few seconds prior to the whistle.

The true man-of-the-match, however, was Joon Young Lee from 10th grade, who attained a stunning 21 points for ICSU; described by Samuel Poirier, another member on the team who seemed to be “on fire”.

The game ended with the score 55:51, making it the Eagle’s first victory this season. Our two coaches, Mr. Knutson and Mr. Olling, were especially happy that the boys made their free throws during the game. In previous games, missing free throws was a huge part that contributed to our losses against other schools. However, this time, the boys made the majority of the given shots, helping themselves come out on top despite the competitive nature of the game.