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By: Keaira

November 30, 201

She’s a Killer Queen

Credit: Yearbook

Credit: Yearbook

For this week’s article  I interviewed the boys’ soccer assistant coach Ms. Lockman.

The first question I asked Ms.Lockman was “When did you start playing soccer?”. She responded, “ I did not start playing soccer until college, but I  liked being competitive even before I started playing. I actually love to run.” She also said that she liked how by playing soccer, she was able to get her energy out and be in a team that had the teams aspects like a big family.  Also, some of her best friends that she made came from her soccer team.

Then, I asked “What is your vision for the team?”.  She said, “ Most of all, I want the team to become a family.” There is a  cheer that say “123 team! 456 family!” which refers to her saying about working together and becoming a large family. With that team spirit, she would like to win games and build up the team’s skills. So Ms.Lockman’s main goal for this season is that they become one family and act like one.

Next, I asked her why she wanted to be the assistant soccer coach for the boys. . She replied ”I wanted to help out Coach Lancaster and help fulfill his vision for the team, and besides,  he also had more experience with practicing with the boys because he’s coached them before. She also said “ Since I’m a weightlifter I know how to help with the conditioning.” She wanted to become the assistant for a good cause.

For the fourth question, the question I asked was “When were you interested in playing soccer?”. She said, “I think I got interested in soccer when I was an adult because I took dance lessons and played volleyball for most of my life.” So she is not like most people who start playing soccer at a young age.

Last but least, I asked Coach Lockman “Did you have any other experiences before coaching soccer?”.  She responded “ dance, but never coached any other sports.” She is new at coaching soccer.

So if you have any other questions about Coach Lockman, I recommend that you ask her in person. That is it for the boys soccer team assistant coach.

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