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By: Lucy

April 29, 2019

Credit: Ms. Lee

Credit: Ms. Lee

On April 17, 2019, the boys played soccer against Dulwich College Seoul. Even though we hoped for their victory, they lost 4-5, which was so close. According to Miss Lockman, who is a Boys Soccer team coach, she and the team talked about improving the end of the game. At the end of the game they thought they had won, but the ref never blew the whistle, so the boys started to get tired, because they thought they had won and were finished playing. So they were losing energy and focus. Then DCS won (Nooooo~~~).

However she mentioned that they are an awesome team because they encouraged each other the entire game, and they played as a group and never gave up. Miss Lockman said, “I am very proud of the boys. They played amazingly.”  The next game is on Wednesday against ICSP. Their goal for this game is to win against them and have their payback for losing last time.

Here’s the highlight of the game:

The whole game was very intense, because it was the first time that they were up points during the whole season. (They played well). As it came closer to the end the intensity grew, because they kept thinking that the ref was going to end the game and they’d win, but he never did and the other team scored enough points so that on DCS’ winning goal, the ref finally called time.

Let’s go ICSU Soccer team!

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